Learn a bit more about me.

Who am I?

A full-stack developer from Brooklyn, New York who recently graduated from The City College of New York with a bachelor's in computer science with summa cum laude honors. I've started off interested in front-end web development, which led to a love of back-end development through the help of resources such as freeCodeCamp and The Odin Project.

Loving both sides of the spectrum, I have settled into the world of full-stack development, working on projects to hone my skills. My favorite technology is Next.js as it makes the process of creating a full-stack application easy and intuitive. I've also created full-stack applications using React in the front-end and with Express or Flask in the back-end.


My Gear

Primary Workstation

Ryzen 5 3600 • GTX 1660 Super • 32GB RAM • 500GB Crucial P1 (Primary Drive) • 1TB Samsung 870 EVO • 1TB HDD (Mass Storage)

In late 2019, I built my first computer, which was a new and enjoyable experience. It started off with 16GB of RAM, which was upgraded to 32GB in late 2020. With the extra RAM, I can have a couple more Chrome tabs open 😀.

Mobile Workstation

13" MacBook Pro, M1, 8GB RAM • 2020

I still need to get used to the keyboard as the keyboard layout between Windows and MacOS is slightly different.


iPad Air, A14 Bionic (4th generation) • 2020

This is my main note-taking device and served me well during my college days. As a tablet, it has the advantage of allowing me to create quick mockups of what I envisioned my projects to look like.